Startups, join BrandGarage at the American Heart Association’s largest event, Scientific Sessions 2015, November 8-10 and interact with over 17,000 physicians and health tech professionals


Powered by BrandGarage, the American Heart Association Health Tech Competition recognizes innovative healthcare solutions that improve patient outcomes for heart health and connects them to its growing network of scientists and healthcare professionals.

Seven companies representing a broad spectrum of healthcare innovation will have the opportunity to demo their technologies to a panel of judges and an audience of 250 cardiologists. A Judge’s Choice and Audience Favorite awards will be presented based on how well the product addresses both the patient and the provider’s needs and its potential to improve patient outcomes via an innovative and novel approach. Outside of the competition, these companies will be showcasing their technologies to the 17,000 scientists and healthcare professionals on the convention floor.

We hope that this event will not only benefit the startups competing, but also get the global community of heart experts thinking about how technology can improve their practice and how to be a proactive, not reactive, force in the face of changing times. There will be a reception immediately following allowing attendees to discuss these novel technologies and how they can drive better patient outcomes through technology.



Biome helps cardiovascular care teams reliably deliver high performance care and achieve the best possible outcomes at the lowest cost. We leverage advanced analytics and trusted date to engage clinicians, align them with administration around clinically relevant goals, and collaborate to continuously drive the delivery of high performance care.


caremerge is a revolutionary, cloud-based care coordination and communication network that forges meaningful connections between providers, families and patients. caremerge keeps people informed and cohesive through an intuitive interface which enables real-time interaction to ensure everyone has access to the right information at the right time to make the right decision which results in more positive outcomes.


Constant Therapy is a cloud based mobile solution that helps people improve their brain function after a brain injury, stroke; or diagnosis of learning disorders or dementia. This is achieved with science-based exercises and with data analytics to automatically personalize exercise programs to each individual’s needs. A recent study in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience showed that patients using Constant Therapy at home improved significantly and received 6x the amount of therapy.


Medisafe develops a cloud-synced mHealth platform that tackles the $290 billion problem of non-adherence by addressing all the major underlying causes of this complex problem. Medisafe improves patient satisfaction and quality of care and eliminates admissions and outpatient visits resulting from incorrect or missed doses. Medisafe arms providers, payers and pharmacies with details about patient adherence and related behaviors, so they can focus on the most at risk patients at any point in time.


MOCACARE empowers people to take a more active approach in caring for their heart health. Driven by a vision to combine health, technology, design, and comfort, we’ve created MOCAheart – the ultimate companion for a person’s heart health. MOCAheart provides users with instant, understandable and reliable measurements of their heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood flow.


Moving Analytics helps hospitals deliver home-based cardiac rehab (CR) programs delivered through patients’ mobile devices. We’ve licensed MULTIFIT an evidence based remote CR program developed by Stanford University and digitized it into a mobile app for patients and a case management system for nurses. Using our product hospitals can now offer a more convenient and affordable CR program to patients, thereby increasing enrollment, reducing readmissions and generating additional revenue.


Remedy saves patients money on their medical bills through error identification and correction with payers and providers. According to our own research and a recent AHA study, medical bills represent a major reason why over 40% of working-age adults refuse to visit their doctors and access medical services. On over 90% of bills we’ve processed, we’ve saved people $330 or 72% off the out of pocket liability. We take the fear out of medical bills so people aren’t afraid to visit their doctor.


Mintu Turakhia

Mintu Turakhia, MD, MAS, MAS
Assistant Professor & Director of Digital Health, Stanford Center for Clinical Research
Stanford University



Zubin Eapen, MD, MHS
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Medical Director
Duke Clinical Research Institute

Garth Graham, MD, MPH
Aetna Foundation 

Michael McConnell, MD, MSEE
Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine
Stanford University


Alex Morgan, PhD
Scientist in Residence
Khosla Ventures

Eric Peterson, MD, MPH
Duke Clinical Research Institute  


Ivana Schnur, MD, PhD
Co-Founder & CMO


September 15 – October 15 Rolling Applications on f6s
October 19 Finalists Announced
November 8-10 Finalist Showcase at Scientific Sessions
November 9 Finalist Judging & Winner Announced


  1. Improves patient outcomes through innovative technology
  2. A working prototype or minimally viable product
  3. Privately held self or venture funded company
  4. Available to setup and demo live before a panel of judges in Orlando November 8-9