Startups, join BrandGarage at the American Heart Association’s largest event, Scientific Sessions, and interact with over 15,000 physicians and health tech professionals


Building off of the momentum from a successful Health Tech Forum in September, BrandGarage is creating and hosting the first ever Health Technology Competition at the AHA Scientific Sessions summit in Chicago November 15-19.

Five companies representing a broad spectrum of healthcare innovation will have the opportunity to demo their technologies to a panel of judges and an audience of 250 cardiologists. A Judge’s Choice and Audience Favorite awards will be presented based on how well the product addresses both the patient and the provider’s needs and its potential to improve patient outcomes via an innovative and novel approach. Outside of the competition, these companies will be showcasing their technologies to the 15,000 attendees on the convention floor.

We hope that this event will not only benefit the startups competing, but also get the global community of heart experts thinking about how technology can improve their practice and how to be a proactive, not reactive, force in the face of changing times. There will be a reception immediately following allowing attendees to discuss these novel technologies and how they can drive better patient outcomes through technology.