Hack for Personal Finance & Win $50K+ Prizes



Developers, students, designers, business strategists, startups  — Come to work with Capital One executives and developers to create exciting new tools and products for personal finance management.


Capital One provides their insight and experience on opportunities for innovation in personal finance; participants create solutions or expand upon their own existing ones (startups are welcome to work off an exisiting product) over an intense weekend of coding. Capital One continues their investment in building relationships across the tech community and will bring cross functional experts from brand, design, and mobile. 



Register individually and form teams at the hackathon or in advance. You are welcome to bring friends and colleagues. Create a new project or build on existing products and projects – the code does not need to be fresh and new. You continue to own your code. Participants must only present a working demo your prototype (mobile or software application, website, etc.) to the judges on the final day that applies to one of the challenge categories and integrates a Capital One API.



Beyond the top cash prizes, work with top execs from Capital One. Test your ideas, receive feedback from industry experts, and see if you have what it takes to scale your technology to the next level. 
Capital OneWhen: March 6-8, 2015 (see below for agenda)Where: PCH International, San Francisco

Additional Info:

The Challenges


Money for Millennials

Millennials engage with the world around them differently. Develop some tools for personal finance management geared towards the way millennials live, spend, and save.  Millennials are also a highly mobile-engaged demographic so please think how the mobile experience can be leveraged to address this user.


Kicking the Fear of Finance

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling reports that 26% of Americans claim that they cannot get a handle on their money and prefer not to deal with it.  More than 25% of Americans do not have any emergency savings and more than two thirds of Americans have less than six months of emergency savings. From savings to planning, people fear personal finance.  Help develop some tools that help consumers visualize, manage and plan their personal finances. 
Prizes & APIs
Each challenge will receive prizes for first, second, and third place.First Place: $12,000 x 2

  • First Place for Money for Millennials: Sway
  • First Place for Kicking the Fear of Finance: SaveSense

Second Place: $8,000 x 2

  • Second Place for Money for Millennials: Olivia
  • Second Place for Kicking the Fear of Finance: GeniusFund

Third Place: $5,000 x 2

  • Third Place for Money for Millennials: Budgie
  • Third Place for Kicking the Fear of Finance: Goal$


* All prizes will be awarded based on selection by a panel of judges

Capital One APIs (Provided by Level Money)

Documentation is still under development. Please check back throughout the week for updates.

Level Money, over a standard HTTP/JSON API, will expose features that replicate its free personal finance app. These features include transaction history, account balance history, Level’s predicted future transactions, and the ability to create and view custom Insights. Finally, with a login endpoint, developers will have a sample account with preloaded data. Developers with an existing Level accounts can use their own data during the challenges.

User ID: 1110568334

Authentication Token: 4CC6E59631F76B2F4CCAB80EEEAC159F

API Token: HackathonApiToken

These tokens will expire following the hackathon.

Documentation: https://hack.level-labs.com

Username: hackdoc@levelmoney.com

Password: hackathon1


Tech Partner APIs & Prizes

Check back soon for additional opportunities to win more prizes by working with our Technical Partners!



1st: Chromebook (max 4)

2nd: YubiKey NEO (max 6) + $100 Amazon card 

3rd: RC Helicopter (max 6)

Chromebook for the best use of any Nexmo API. YubiKey NEO + Amazon gift card for the est use of Nexmo’s Number Insight or Verify APIs. RC Helicopter for the most creative use of Nexmo’s API. 

Nexmo provides innovative communication APIs that bridge traditional voice and messaging services with cloud communications. Nexmo enables applications and enterprises to connect to their customers via voice and SMS with ease no matter where in the world customers are located. High-volume communication companies such as Alibaba, Airbnb, Line and Viber send millions of messages per month using Nexmo APIs.

Signup for a free account at nexmo.com, then head to docs.nexmo.com for documentation on our SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification APIs. And checkout nexmo.github.io/Quickstarts for guides and screencasts getting started with the API.


1st: Chromebook (x3)

2nd: Chromecast (x3)


For the best use of our offerings within the banking and personal finance industries.

elasticode leverages data collection about users’ mobile experience into a personalized interaction,
that best fits to that exact moment, place and settings!

Enhancing developers and publishers business results, 
providing them with the power to address specific segments, receive a high resolution point of view 
and a real-time decision making engine, in a simple and fully controlled way.

For API info, see: http://docs.elasticode.com/v1.0/



-$50 Amazon gift card for all winning team members

For the best application built with one of Yodlee’s Interactive API’s: Aggregation or Instant Account Verification

Built on the foundation of Yodlee’s 15 years of aggregated consumer financial data, Yodlee Interactive empowers visionary entrepreneurs, partners, and developers to build the next generation of disruptive and innovative Fintech solutions using the award-winning Yodlee platform. Through our APIs, we help you bring innovative FinApps to market more quickly using the richest consumer transactional data in the world.

For more info:



-$500 Amazon gift card

-press release of winning team

For the best use of an Xignite API as determined by staff

The pioneer for cloud-based market data APIs, Xignite is the data provider of choice for leading fintech innovators including Wealthfront, StockTwits, Robinhood, Motif Investing and Yodlee. Xignite’s APIs cover every asset class, market and data type available and are the ideal solution for integrating data into fintech mobile apps, websites, and platforms.

For more info and API catalogue: 



-$50 Amazon gift card (to each team member)

For the best graph made with plotly


-plotly T-shirts


 For all teams that incorporate a plotly graph

Plotly is a platform for making and sharing interactive scientific graphs, 3D graphs, and streaming graphs. You can use Plotly with MATLAB, Python, R, and Excel to collaboratively build graphs and analyze data. We provide a cloud collaboration and enterprise solution for engineering customers in aerospace, the automotive industry, and academia.

Developers will first need to sign up for a Plotly account (free) to use our services. It’s most common to start out using our Python, MATLAB, R, Julia, or Node library to create graphs that are accessible when on the web. This is documented at https://plot.ly/api/. Additionally embedded plots have an API documented at https://github.com/plotly/Embed-API. Our REST API is documented at our root api endpoint: https://api.plot.ly *

In summary, common languages (R, Python, Node, MATLAB, and Julia) have libraries that wrap our REST API and provide the simplest programmatic interface. An API exist to talk to the graphs embedded in iframes so that you may simply embed a graph and then create custom widgets to interact with it. Finally, the beta-mode REST API can be targeted as well.

* note, our API is still in beta mode and is subject to change in a backwards incompatible way.

Please feel free to form teams or begin hacking before the start of the event. The Capital One team will be available throughout the weekend to discuss your ideas and answer any questions about the APIs.
Tuesday, March 3rd: Drinkup with Capital One
6:30pm – 8:30pm Disrupting Financial Services: Closing the Gap Between People and Their Money
Register for your free ticket.
Friday, March 6th: Hackathon Kickoff (Mandatory)
6:00pm Registration & Reception
7:00pm Capital One Challenges, APIs, Prizes
7:20pm Technical Partner APIs and Prizes
8:00pm Rules & Submissions
8:30pm Team Formation
Bring your ideas to pitch.
9:00pm End of Day
Go home and rest.
Saturday, March 7th: Hackathon, Day 2
9:00am Late Registration & Breakfast
10:00am Morning Check-in
11:00am Coding Begins
12:00pm Lunch
12:30pm Code
3:00pm Snack
5:30pm Dinner & Capital One Check-in
6:00pm Code
9:00pm End of Day
Go home and hack. 
Sunday, March 8th: Hackathon, Day 3
9:00am Breakfast
12:00pm Lunch
3:00pm Submission Deadline
4:00pm Demos
6:00pm Dinner & Judging Deliberation
7:00pm Award Presentation
7:30pm End of Day
Submission & Judging Criteria
Submission & Demo Rules

  1. All submissions must be made on ChallengePost by 3:00pm on March 8th or the alternative deadline published on the day.
  2. All submissions must make use of at least one of the Capital One APIs.
  3. All submissions must fit into one of the challenge categories.
  4. All submissions and demos must include a working (coded) prototype (mobile or software application, website, etc.). No slideware permitted.
  5. All submissions must be demoed live to the judge panel between 4pm and 6pm on March 8th.
  6. All submissions must keep to the 3-minute time parameters outlined for demos. 
  7. Submissions may not contain any copyrighted elements other than elements owned by the entrant.

Judging Criteria

The following highlights the key judging criteria for this competition

  • Data Visualization: How does the solution help consumers visualize financial data, content, and behavior.
  • Cross Channel Experience: How well does the product bring together a seamless experience across web, mobile and other devices.
  • UI & UX: How well thought out are the user experience and attention to UI in the solution.
Intellectual Property
Participant’s Rights to Entries and Intellectual Property:

Participants will retain ownership of any and all code created prior to or at the Capital One People and Money Hack. Participants also retain the right to continue working on and using their Hackathon ideas and codes, and any and all codes or ideas created prior to the event.

Capital One Rights to Submissions:

Capital One Financial Corporation will have access and use of all ideas generated at the Capital One People and Monedy Hack but does not have the right to the code you, your team or company create at the event.

For the full legal language, please read the Capital One People and Money Hack Official Rules.

 Community & Tech Partners